Participation information

Candidates' registrations are completed by depositing the tuition fees in the bank account of the company.

1. Send us via email at info [at] or fax at 211 0121603 the receipt of the deposit

2. Call us at: 210 4223330 if you need any guidance

3. Visit our company's official website: to find out about all of the company's services and products!

The fee for the STEM Training is 290€

By bank deposit

Bank: Eurobank
Account No: 0026.0050.38.0200763993
IBAN: GR2602600500000380200763993
Swift Code (BIC): ERBKGRAA
Beneficiary: WIDE Services

As a deposit justification write: [organization name]-[surname of the candidate] and the word STEM.
Organization name is the name of the company making the payment and to which the corresponding payment document will be issued.
Bank charges are charged to the depositor.

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