The educational method

The method is the e-learning method with the asynchronous or modern support of the teacher.

In each module the trainee:

  • Can study the glossary entries (texts) related to the module.
  • Can study the theory, resources and activities of Moodle, as many times as he wants (but the condition of completion is to study it at least once fully). The aim is to get acquainted, familiar with the tools
  • Can practice with the tools and create their own educational content in the special environment where he will be able to use the tools
  • It must submit the Assignments of each module with a completion condition achieving a minimum 75% performance to obtain the Certificate of Completion of the course.
  • Can participate in other lesson activities, forums and surveys where he interacts with other participants and teachers
  • He assesses himself and asserts that he now knows the subject. The aim is to take responsibility for "continue to the next section".
  • Evaluates the lesson

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